Friday Fun Contest – Connect The Dots III

Congrats to mgs99, winner of this week’s contest, who correctly identified this image. Check back tomorrow for another installment of the weekly contest!

Connect the dots and find the image in this week’s round!

Connect the dots

Download PDF

  1. Download the PDF above
  2. Connect the dots
  3. Search for an image that looks like what you’ve drawn
  4. Email the image ID number or URL to

This week’s prize: 50 free Crestock credits

We’ll randomly draw from all the entries next Thursday, July 14th, at 3pm ET. Stay tuned for our announcement of the lucky winner – and the next contest on Friday, July 15th!

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One Comment on “Friday Fun Contest – Connect The Dots III”

  1. Brigitte says:

    Searched high and low on your site, but still can’t find that darn image… know exactly what it is, but no luck in finding it…