Bees, Butterflies & Other Bugs!

3864999 © alexmakarova /

3864999 © alexmakarova

From paperweights and greeting cards to pillows and wallpaper to wall hooks and artwork, the natural world is everywhere in product design and decorating.

1650110 © Kudryashka /

1650110 © Kudryashka

It’s a fun trend, so bring some outdoor life to your designs! We’ve found the best bees, butterflies and other bugs in our collection and put them together in this lightbox. We’re hoping the images we’ve picked bring some creative inspiration for your own design projects.

If you use any of our images, we’d love to see what you’ve created. Send us a .JPG or PDF of your design with a brief description of your project and we could feature it on our blog.

If you prefer birds to bugs, you can check out our collection featuring our feathered friends. And stay tuned — We’ll be back with more of the natural world with green, growing things: flowers, fruits, veggies and all things botanical.

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3908489 © RobSnowStock /

3908489 © RobSnowStock

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