Friday Fun Contest – Spot the Differences IV

Congratulations to Celia (chatterbox), winner of this week’s contest!
A collection of all the images used in this composite can be found here.

Can you find the differences in these two images?

© auris / Crestock

© auris / Crestock and others

Spot the differences and win! Compare the two images above and find the differences between them. Hint: We’ve probably removed, changed and/or added elements. There are at least 12 differences to spot.

Once you’ve spotted the changes we made, send an email to to enter. Don’t forget to list all the differences you’ve found. Be specific!

This week’s prize: 50 free Crestock credits

We’ll randomly draw from all the entries next Thursday, August 11th, at 3 PM ET. We’ll also post a link to a collection containing all of the images used. Stay tuned for our announcement of the lucky winner – and the next contest on Friday, August 12th!

2 Comments on “Friday Fun Contest – Spot the Differences IV”

  1. Susan Read says:

    Spoiler alert! For those keeping track, here are the differences:

    -A discoball was substituted for one of the hanging lamps.
    -A wooden artists’ model perches on the ladder.
    -A little green man has appeared in the sitting area.
    -A hand has appeared in the window.
    -There’s a piggy bank on the desk.
    -The white horse has turned pink.
    -The blue chair cushion has turned pink.
    -Books on the wall shelf have changed position.
    -An alarm clock has replaced one set of books.
    -A bulldozer has been substituted for a ring toy.
    -A voodoo doll has been added under the desk.
    -There’s a monster under the bed.
    -The little girl on the bed needs to stop poking it.

  2. mark s says:

    thx for the list. . .
    i did not know that the monster under the bed was innocent and was being provoked
    by that little girl poking him ! ! !

    so things are not always as they first appear…
    i’ve learned….even monsters are innocent….until PROVEN guilty!