Crestock introduces a weekly image upload limit

In order to improve the overall quality of submissions and help to keep the editing process timely, we will be implementing a weekly image upload limit starting on October 12, 2011.

Individual contributors will be able to submit a specific number of images per week, starting at ten (10) for the initial submission by new contributors.

For existing contributors, your upload limit will be based on your approval rating. This will be clearly displayed on your Upload Images page.

View of Upload Images

Some important information to note:

·   The first week starts with your first upload into the new system, rather than following the calendar week.

·   Submissions are deducted from your weekly limit at the point of uploading, or for FTP users, at the point of processing.

·   When a large number of files are transferred via FTP and “Process new files” is clicked, the system will process as many files as your weekly image upload limit permits. Any files left when the limit is reached will remain in your FTP upload folder for processing in following week(s).

·   Vector files uploaded together with a companion jpeg will count as only one upload when processed.

·   Unused uploads cannot be carried over into following weeks. (For example, if your weekly upload limit is 50, you cannot submit 25 images one week then 75 images the following week. You would still be limited to 50 images the following week.)

·   If more than seven days elapse between uploads, your “upload week” will reset when you resume uploading.

·   Once the weekly limit has been reached, the “Upload Files” or “Process new files” buttons will become unavailable until the next submission period begins.

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