Friday Fun: Can You Write the Funniest Caption? – Halloween Edition

Congrats to Doug, winner of this week’s contest, and thanks to all who played. We greatly enjoyed all the razor-sharp wit. Please check the blog tomorrow for a new contest and another chance at the prize!

Write the funniest caption for the image below to win 50 image credits!

1346037 © egorr at

1346037 © egorr

Post your caption for our chosen image as a comment below for your chance to win 50 free image credits.

We’ll choose the funniest among all the entries next Thursday, October 20th, at 3PM ET. Good luck!

Watch for our announcement of the lucky winner – and the next contest on Friday, October 21st!

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7 Comments on “Friday Fun: Can You Write the Funniest Caption? – Halloween Edition”

  1. cgsart says:

    You need my pumpkin shavings?

  2. Doug Siemens says:

    Hmmm, one slip of the razor and I could be riding headless tonight.

  3. andy6lover says:

    ‘The feeling that an important event is coming up but you cant remember what’

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  5. Pako says:

    I always cut my eyes and mouth first…

  6. Brooke says:

    Even the Headless Horsemen gets a 6:00 shadow.

  7. Feeling a little hollow today, maybe shaving wasn’t the best idea.