Contest: Can You Write the Funniest Caption?

Congrats to Brooke in the US for her winning caption of “It was love at first bite!” Thanks to everyone who entered!

Write the funniest caption for the image below to win 100 FREE image credits!

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4068314 © notkoo2088

Post your caption for our chosen image as a comment for your chance to win 100 FREE image credits.

We’ll choose the funniest among all the entries next Thursday, February 9th, at 3PM ET. Good luck!

Watch for our announcement of the lucky winner – and the next contest on Friday, February 10th!

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10 Comments on “Contest: Can You Write the Funniest Caption?”

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  2. Brooke says:

    It was love at first bite!

  3. annie lim says:

    Don’t dwell on our differences. we could be a great couple!

  4. Nita says:

    Why this colourvri colourveri colourveri di…….eyes-u- meet-u-heart-heart….Why this colourvri colourveri colourveri di…….

  5. Yolinnie says:

    – I love you red
    – I love you green
    – We love gred!

  6. Doug Siemens says:

    Green/Blue: I think I’m in larvae with you
    Red: Let me hold you in my arms, arms, arms.

  7. mark s says:

    blue,green; red,pink
    we’re not as different as you may think.
    we both peer beyond skin deep
    and see our soulmate; the one to keep!!!

  8. Vered says:

    I feel nauseous and tingly all over. I’m either in love with you or you are too ugly to look at…

  9. Charades says:

    Our children of love would be greyscaled!

  10. Vered says:

    I was blue until I met you!