Updates to Crestock’s Image Upload Process

Crestock contributors, please note! We have deployed improvements to the Image Upload system which will help streamline the ingestion of files and prevent error messages.

The technical requirements for uploads remain the same, however image processing will now run in the background after you click the “Process new files” button. This frees up site resources, allowing you to visit other pages or work on earlier uploads while image processing works behind the scenes. You no longer have to wait on one screen while each image is being processed.

After processing is complete, you will receive an email notification listing the files and their status. Valid uploads will appear in the Describe or Review & Submit sections for checking and submission to the Evaluation queue.

Any files with errors will be listed on the summary email for quick reference. More information on error messages can be found in our updated Troubleshooting guide.

The appearance of the Upload page has not changed; there is simply one more time-saving step in the upload process. For a detailed look at Uploading, please visit the Image Uploading Guide.


We welcome questions and comments! Please contact us at help@crestock.com if you require support or would like to give feedback.

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