Free Desktop, iPad and iPhone Crestock Wallpaper – Grunge Vintage Wallpaper

Today’s desktop wallpaper is quite literally a nice vintage wallpaper, courtesy of Crestock artist andrey_kuzmin. Check out his portfolio for more!

Grunge Vintage Wallpaper

Wallpaper: Grunge Vintage Wallpaper

Crestock Image ID 5153852

© andrey_kuzmin

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One Comment on “Free Desktop, iPad and iPhone Crestock Wallpaper – Grunge Vintage Wallpaper”

  1. Slowly move it around the area, and you’ll begin to see the wallpaper becoming wet.
    In fact, people dropping into your home will feel that there
    is a real car inside your living room. How often does it happen with you that you have some chore to do or pickup clothes from the dry-cleaners and you
    forget all about it.