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4424444 © kikkerdirk

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Artist Interview: David Sandonato (aka DavidArts)

1810627 © DavidArts ©

1810627 © DavidArts

Every month we feature one of our illustrators or photographers. This month we talk to illustrator David Sandonato, based in Italy, who goes by the alias DavidArts.

How did you get started in illustration?

DS: Three and a half years ago, I saw an article in a magazine about the microstock photography industry. I was curious about this new market and after some research on the web, I found major microstock sites. Then I discovered that this market was also suitable for illustrators. Since I was a child, pencil design, oil and airbrush painting and later all digital art were a huge passion for me. So I started learning Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator. After two weeks, I was accepted to the first site. From that day on, I’ve created new vectors every day and submitted them on a weekly basis.

David Sandonato at

David Sandonato

Who or what inspires your work?

DS: A keypoint for contributors is to understand what buyers need. In my case, there’s nothing better than browsing bestselling vectors to see actual trends. Once you’ve found the “theme” that’s popular, you can start to use your imagination to create something competitive to add to the game. I always try to be aware of trends. 50% of my submissions are related to current trends. The other 50% are subjects like backgrounds, disco flyers – whatever inspires me – with no limitations.

What are your favorite images from your collection?

DS: I love to design images for Disco Flyers. I also love to design Vintage labels as well as holiday-inspired illustrations.

Recently I’ve started to design website templates like this  or this.

What’s your favorite subject matter?

DS: One of my favourite subjects is Disco Flyers, full of music related elements and an explosion of colours. I also like to create Vintage Labels, Christmas (and other holiday related) illustrations, abstract backgrounds and website designs. I honestly don’t have a specific favourite subject, the most important thing is that my eyes are satisfied with my creation.

2109747 © DavidArts at

2109747 © DavidArts

Describe your style. What do you try to capture in your images?

DS: I don’t know if I have a particular style, but many of my friends said they’ve easily recognized my images due to my colour combinations. I usually use bright colours to enhance shapes and composition. I hope the first visual impression of my illustrations induces the viewer to meditate a few seconds on my image and explore it in all its parts. I think color choice is one of the most important things for a successful vector, along with the shapes used and the overall composition.

3893367 © DavidArts at

3893367 © DavidArts

4088371 © DavidArts at

4088371 © DavidArts

If you had to pick just one medium, program or tool to work with from now on, what would it be?

DS: Adobe Illustrator is a must for vectors. It should be your only choice or at least your final step before creating a vector file.

4622011 © DavidArts at

4622011 © DavidArts

What do you do when you’re not working?

DS: Great question! I have so many passions. I like to ride my Harley Davidson (painted and modified by myself), go to the gym everyday or go fishing (in the right season). I also like to ride my mountain bike off-road and I really love to catch some sun on the beach! Even though my main job is to create vector illustrations, it really is one of my passions. The idea of “doing what you like to do for your job” is one of the most amazing thing in my life.

1719149 © DavidArts at

1719149 © DavidArts

What one tip would you share with someone who’s just starting out in the stock industry?

DS: The microstock industry is a really serious business, where only a mix of perseverance, ability and adaptability can help you become a full-time illustrator. If your target is to sell thousands of images every day, you’ll have to build a very big portfolio. You need to focus on quality and quantity, as both are important. Start to design and create every day and never stop. Every new creation will be better than the previous. Like in every business, you have to believe in yourself.

David adds: By the Way… I’m an electronic engineer but I feel more like an artist who has chose to work with his passions.

See David’s portfolio

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1687997 © DavidArts

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2478043 © DavidArts

Contest: Can You Write the Funniest Caption?

Congrats to Mark, winner of the caption contest, and thanks to all who participated! Stay tuned for a new contest to begin next week!


Write the funniest caption for the image below to win 100 FREE image credits!

3379409 © Daniel_Wiedemann at

3379409 © Daniel_Wiedemann

Post your caption for our chosen image as a comment for your chance to win 100 FREE image credits.

We’ll choose the funniest among all the entries next Thursday, March 29th, at 3PM ET. Good luck!

Watch for our announcement of the lucky winner on Friday, March 30th!

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Match the Quote & Win!

Congratulations to Claire, winner of this week’s contest, and thanks to all who participated. Stay tuned for another contest to begin shortly! __________________________________________________________________

Find your favourite Crestock image to illustrate this quote:

“Many an opportunity is lost because a man is out looking for four-leaf clovers.”


Simply post the URL of your chosen image as a comment below. We’ll add a thumbnail of the image to your comment. On Thursday, March 15th, at 3PM ET we’ll choose our favourite of all the entries. The winner will get 100 free Crestock credits added to their account.

Stay tuned for our announcement of the lucky winner – and the next contest on Friday, March 16th!

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February is Heart Smart Month

Now that Valentine’s Day is over for another year, you might be surprised to find yourself needing to source heart images for other projects.

That’s because February is the month when a variety of American and Canadian organizations, associations and charities get together to remind us that heart disease is still the #1 killer in the United States and #1 killer of women in Canada.

We selected a few images from our collection that are great choices if you’re working on “heart smart” projects.

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4272411 © ghostintheshell

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4236660 © designersamy


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3527703 © adamson

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2003447 - © eraxion


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Win 100 Credits When You Match the Quote

Congratulations to Nita, winner of this week’s contest, and thanks to all who participated!


Find your favourite Crestock image to illustrate this quote:

“Hot can be cool, and cool can be hot, and each can be both. But hot or cool, man, jazz is jazz.”

~Louis Armstrong

Simply post the URL of your chosen image as a comment below. We’ll add a thumbnail of the image to your comment. On Thursday, February 23rd, at 3PM ET we’ll choose our favourite of all the entries. The winner will get 100 free Crestock credits added to their account.

Stay tuned for our announcement of the lucky winner – and the next contest on Friday, February 24th!

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