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We’re having a mini-revival of our incredibly popular series of wallpapers which regular visitors will remember from a couple of years back. This first installment comes courtesy of Crestock artist jordygraph. Enjoy!

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Artist Interview: Victor Zastolskiy (aka vicnt)

This month we feature the multi-disciplinary talents of Victor Zastolskiy, aka vicnt. Victor lives and works in Nizhny Tagil, Russia. His portfolio includes an eclectic mix of 3D rendering and photography, combining sleek interior spaces and quirky portraiture into a unique body of work.

Hi Victor. How did you get started in illustration, design and photography?

VZ: I graduated from the Academy of Art. Later I worked as an artist for a long time in the computer games industry. I was also engaged in interior design. All of these skills helped me later in the creation of my images.

Who or what inspires your work?

VZ: I am inspired by the world around me, all I see. Life is wonderful!

What’s your favorite subject matter?

VZ: Perhaps most of all I like the theme of forces of nature. It fascinates me. I often dream about a tornado…

Describe your style. What do you try to capture in your images?

VZ: If I have an idea, at first I make sketches in pencil. At this stage I do a basic composition for the image. Then I choose the means to solve the problem: what software do I need? What photos will I be able to use from my archive? Do I need to take additional photos? Then comes the work of compiling all the material in the final image.

If you had to pick just one camera, medium, program or tool to work with from now on, what would it be?

VZ: This is terrible! I really do not like constraints to the tools of an artist. I am currently working in a 3D editor, then 10 minutes later I need a scanner, after half an hour the camera, then colored pencils and ink, etc…

4654096 © vicnt

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

VZ: I love to travel; I love cycling and snowboarding. I ride in as many different countries as possible. I am also engaged in engraving on wood.

4102054 © vicnt

What one tip would you share with someone who’s just starting out in the stock industry?

VZ: If you have an idea for an image, first check the extent to which this theme is already represented in stock. If you feel that you cannot do a better or more interesting picture on this theme, work on another idea. It is better not to create similarities.

4573553 © vicnt

Do you have a favorite artist/photographer at Crestock?

VZ: On Crestock there are many excellent creators. For example, there are many hidden ideas in these images by egorr.

Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you?

VZ: I am very modest. 🙂

See Victor’s Portfolio

2684105 © vicnt

853876 © vicnt

2622099 © vicnt

4573561 © vicnt

Artist Interview: Scott Griessel (aka Creatista)

Every month we feature one of our illustrators or photographers. This month we talk to Scott Griessel, alias Creatista. Scott is an Arizona-based photographer whose larger-than-life portraits gleefully fall outside the box of standard stock. Scott is not afraid to let his models emote or get messy or outrageous. Today we take a look inside his world of colorful characters— from smoking nuns to nagging moms, drag queens to femme fatales, bubblegum punks to yogis and beyond…

Scott Griessel

How did you get started in photography?

SC: I’m actually a TV and film guy. I started my career in video and worked up to being a producer and director for TV commercials, videos for shows, training films and that sort of thing. I spent a while as a creative director and partner in a boutique agency working for national clients like Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Freightliner, Airstream and others. I was working on a catalog job for Saab in Atlanta over a decade ago and the photographer had just switched to a digital back for his large format camera. I was skeptical and made sure he had lots of film and a regular film back handy. My first brush with digital was immediate love and I’ve never looked back. As I progressed in my career, I was able to integrate photography into my own company, Creatista. Now it’s about 20% to 30% of my business.

Who or what inspires your work?

SC: I’m a big fan of Cindy Sherman and Chuck Close. I guess I just like quirky portraits. People are endlessly fascinating.

What are your favorite images from your collection?

SC: Wow! I like a lot of them for different reasons. Here are five that come to mind… of course, on a different day I’d pick five different shots.

971485 © creatista

What’s your favorite subject matter?  Describe your style. What do you try to capture in your images?

SC: I love shooting people and characters. If I can set up a scene just like I would in a film or video, I’m happy. I like the pictures to end up with a sense of relationship and narrative. I’m not a picky scenic type, or an intense sort of ‘work for the one great shot’ photographer. I tend to shoot pretty fast and loose. I like to work on location and even enjoy a certain sense of messiness to my shots vs. pristine staging. Mostly, I just want to have fun while I work.

1120953 © creatista

If you had to pick just one camera to work with from now on, what would it be?

SC: I know it’s counter-intuitive, but I’m not that interested in cameras. I shoot Canon and have some great 1ds and 5D bodies and glass. Even so, I don’t read the trade magazines or spend much time thinking about my gear- except when it breaks. I’m in the Lance Armstrong school… it’s not about the bike and it’s not about the camera. Lots of my friends love their gear, and I’m often a bit sheepishly embarrassed by my own lack of knowledge. I just know what I like and I click the shutter when I see it.

309096 © creatista

If you won the lottery, what’s the one place or person you would run away to photograph?

SC: I have a dream to walk across the country for a year, stopping into the small towns and just meeting people and writing about them. I’m interested in the country and how we’re doing. Not in a political way, just what people are up to and how they live their lives. I’ve done quite a bit of editorial work for magazines and other clients and I really like it. This would be a personal project. In 2006 I produced and directed a documentary film called The Asphalt Gospel about a group of progressive Christians that walked from Phoenix to Washington, D.C. It was five months on the road moving very slowly from town to town. Guess I’m just itching to get out again.

1696314 © creatista

What do you do when you’re not shooting?

SC: Travel, baby! In fact, I’m on my way to Turkey with my wife in a couple days. We’ll come back with thousands of photos… so look out, reviewers!

What one tip would you share with someone who’s just starting out in the stock industry?

SC: Can I give more than one? OK. I will.

I’m a huge fan of microstock and stock. It allows a photographer to find a niche and work on subjects of interest to them. I’m not a birder, but, if I was, I would concentrate on creating excellent shots of birds. It’s like being a writer – ‘write what you know’.  Shoot what you know. I know actors and theaters and film-making, so that’s what I shoot.

It is seriously hard work. For everyone that I meet and refer and help out to get started, maybe one in ten will stick with it. The secret is, it’s worth it. It takes time and effort, but once your portfolio hits a certain size and your skill level continues to grow, it’s a great way to make a solid income. It is possible. I couldn’t live solely on my stock work, but it is a significant part of the entire platform.

Don’t take rejections personally. Reviewers are human and have opinions and have to make borderline calls on images. No photo is worth getting upset over. I used to agonize over every shot and feel an affront if it didn’t get accepted. Now I lick my wounds, try to learn from the experience, and move on.

4168425 © creatista

Do you have a favorite artist/photographer at Crestock?

SC: Since I shoot people, I tend to be drawn to other artists that do the same. Who isn’t in awe of Yuri Arcurs? I always enjoy images from andresr, and I think diego_cervo has an interesting eye and does a nice job with the post work on every image. For still lifes, Elenathewise, and nicemonkey rocks the vectors.

Do you have a website/blog or any other personal links (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) that you would like to share?

SC: I’m everywhere. Easy to find on Facebook under my name, Scott Griessel. I’d be happy to make new friends. I also maintain a back-end invite-only site on Facebook called CreatistaPhotography with models, MUAs, stylists, actors and photographers. The main site is… forever in need of updating but always fun, just the same.

4464257 © creatista

Would you like to share any other information?

SC: I’m from San Diego, and spent my formative years in the Midwest, including Detroit, which I love. Now I live near Tucson, Arizona and have a studio called 19 Below – that’s on Facebook, too.

I work with Eric Basir at Photografix for the bulk of my post work, since it’s too fast and furious for me to do all on my own. Theadra Taylor is a rockin assistant and model; she sets up our Creatista shoots. Edwin Serrano is the king of gear, staying on top of all the stuff when I don’t and making me look like I know what I’m doing…

See Creatista’s portfolio

767120 © creatista

4575877 © creatista

Artist Interview: David Sandonato (aka DavidArts)

1810627 © DavidArts ©

1810627 © DavidArts

Every month we feature one of our illustrators or photographers. This month we talk to illustrator David Sandonato, based in Italy, who goes by the alias DavidArts.

How did you get started in illustration?

DS: Three and a half years ago, I saw an article in a magazine about the microstock photography industry. I was curious about this new market and after some research on the web, I found major microstock sites. Then I discovered that this market was also suitable for illustrators. Since I was a child, pencil design, oil and airbrush painting and later all digital art were a huge passion for me. So I started learning Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator. After two weeks, I was accepted to the first site. From that day on, I’ve created new vectors every day and submitted them on a weekly basis.

David Sandonato at

David Sandonato

Who or what inspires your work?

DS: A keypoint for contributors is to understand what buyers need. In my case, there’s nothing better than browsing bestselling vectors to see actual trends. Once you’ve found the “theme” that’s popular, you can start to use your imagination to create something competitive to add to the game. I always try to be aware of trends. 50% of my submissions are related to current trends. The other 50% are subjects like backgrounds, disco flyers – whatever inspires me – with no limitations.

What are your favorite images from your collection?

DS: I love to design images for Disco Flyers. I also love to design Vintage labels as well as holiday-inspired illustrations.

Recently I’ve started to design website templates like this  or this.

What’s your favorite subject matter?

DS: One of my favourite subjects is Disco Flyers, full of music related elements and an explosion of colours. I also like to create Vintage Labels, Christmas (and other holiday related) illustrations, abstract backgrounds and website designs. I honestly don’t have a specific favourite subject, the most important thing is that my eyes are satisfied with my creation.

2109747 © DavidArts at

2109747 © DavidArts

Describe your style. What do you try to capture in your images?

DS: I don’t know if I have a particular style, but many of my friends said they’ve easily recognized my images due to my colour combinations. I usually use bright colours to enhance shapes and composition. I hope the first visual impression of my illustrations induces the viewer to meditate a few seconds on my image and explore it in all its parts. I think color choice is one of the most important things for a successful vector, along with the shapes used and the overall composition.

3893367 © DavidArts at

3893367 © DavidArts

4088371 © DavidArts at

4088371 © DavidArts

If you had to pick just one medium, program or tool to work with from now on, what would it be?

DS: Adobe Illustrator is a must for vectors. It should be your only choice or at least your final step before creating a vector file.

4622011 © DavidArts at

4622011 © DavidArts

What do you do when you’re not working?

DS: Great question! I have so many passions. I like to ride my Harley Davidson (painted and modified by myself), go to the gym everyday or go fishing (in the right season). I also like to ride my mountain bike off-road and I really love to catch some sun on the beach! Even though my main job is to create vector illustrations, it really is one of my passions. The idea of “doing what you like to do for your job” is one of the most amazing thing in my life.

1719149 © DavidArts at

1719149 © DavidArts

What one tip would you share with someone who’s just starting out in the stock industry?

DS: The microstock industry is a really serious business, where only a mix of perseverance, ability and adaptability can help you become a full-time illustrator. If your target is to sell thousands of images every day, you’ll have to build a very big portfolio. You need to focus on quality and quantity, as both are important. Start to design and create every day and never stop. Every new creation will be better than the previous. Like in every business, you have to believe in yourself.

David adds: By the Way… I’m an electronic engineer but I feel more like an artist who has chose to work with his passions.

See David’s portfolio

1687997 © DavidArts at

1687997 © DavidArts

2478043 © DavidArts at

2478043 © DavidArts

CELEBRITY: Grammy 2012 Line-Up

The 54th Annual Grammy Awards are this coming Sunday, February 12th.

Here are a few pics of the some of the confirmed performers and nominees at the event.

Pictures of Adele at - Celebrity Collection

Adele will appear in her first public performance since surgery last year. The British singer is nominated for 5 Grammy Awards, including Album of the Year and Record of the Year, for "21".

Pictures of Rihanna at - Celebrity Collection

Rihanna is nominated for several Grammy Awards, including Album of the Year for "Loud".

Pictures of Taylor Swift at - Celebrity Collection

Taylor Swift has been nominated for 3 Grammy Awards including Best Country Song for "Mean".

For a full list of nominees, check out

And come back next week for new images of the pre-show red carpet arrivals and the winners.

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CELEBRITY: Katy Perry to Perform at the Grammy’s

Katy Perry will perform at 54th Annual Grammy Awards next Sunday –  February 12, 2012!

3947203 © Image Collect / Crestock

Katy Perry in Los Angeles in 2011

The singer is nominated for Record of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance for “Firework”.

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IN CELEBRITY – 18th Annual SAG Awards!

Thanks to the recent launch of the Crestock Celebrity Collection, we’ve now got images of red carpet arrivals, awards ceremonies, movie premieres and all your favourite celebrity events – perfect for editorial use – starting from just $1!

4647519 © Image Collect / Crestock

The Help Cast in the Press Room at the 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

The 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild awards were held Sunday in Los Angeles, California at the Shrine Auditorium.

The SAG awards are a recognition for excellence in film and television. Members of the Screen Actors Guild are nominated for the awards by a randomly selected group of their peers and colleagues who are also professional actors and members of the Guild. The Screen Actors Guild is an American Labour Union representing upwards of 200,000 film and television actors from around the world.

The awards have been held annually since 1995 and are a popular television event. They are considered a leading indicator of the Academy Awards, which will be held in just a few weeks (on February 26th).

Highlights of Sunday’s event included several wins for the movie The Help including “Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture”, the 2nd SAG win for Modern Family as “Best Comedy by an Ensemble” in Television, Alec Baldwin’s win as “Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Comedy Series” for 30 Rock and Betty White’s win as “Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series” for Hot In Cleveland.

4647431 © Image Collect / Crestock

Modern Family Cast in the Press Room at the 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

4647302 © Image Collect / Crestock

Alec Baldwin in the Press Room at the 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

The long parade of arrivals on the red carpet is always a big event for television viewers – and this year was no exception, immediately spawning lists of best and worst dressed “awards” before the show even started! Here are some of the ladies on the Best Dressed lists for the evening:

4646706 © Image Collect / Crestock

Sofia Vergara at the 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

4646705 © Image Collect / Crestock

Michelle Williams at the 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

4647368 © Image Collect / Crestock

Emma Stone at the 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

4647192 © Image Collect / Crestock

Angelina Jolie at the 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

All images in the Celebrity Collection are available for editorial use only, which means they are good for use “on/in websites, blogs, TV, magazines, newspapers and books (no covers and maximum circulation 250,000), plus prints for personal use.”

See the complete license terms alongside each image prior to downloading. They are not available with a subscription. See more information on the Celebrity Collection

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